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Shutting Down Basestealers

In my ebook, I talk about shutting down would-be basestealers. Three things to work on:

  1. Vary your number of looks at the runner.
  2. Vary how long you hold the ball in the set position.
  3. Vary your pickoff moves.

The other team is trying to figure out how you attempt to stop the running game. You are trying to keep them guessing and off balance. Runner on second, before the first pitch, look twice then pitch. Next pitch, just look once.

If the runner gets an idea that you always look once and then pitch, they will be able to get a  great jump on you and get an easy stolen base.

The difference between an easy stolen base and the catcher throwing them out stealing may be the difference of a just one step.

More information:

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Welcome to Baseball Essentials

Baseball Essentials covers over 200 tips on 100 important baseball topics.

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