Dan O’Connell

People are always asking me what I do so I thought this would be a great place to put it.

I have been creating and running sports websites since 2004. The main one’s are BaseballZone.com and MyYouthBaseball.com.

I am particularly proud of the Practice Planner tool on Baseball Zone and the Baseball Quizzes on MYB.

My day job is running SeasonTicker.com. Our platform is great for league websites and creating easy team websites with cool feature like text messaging.

My Writing

I have an ebook on Amazon:

We have over 300 articles and videos on this website the majority of which I wrote, edited and published.

You can get a free copy of another ebook here: Baseball Drills and Skills e-book

The best way to get started with our content is through the Coaches Guide, Hitting Guide, Pitching Guide, New Player Guide, or the Guide For New Coaches.

Working With Leagues

I provide easy newsletter content for leagues and travel organizations with links to further reading for easy distribution to your families it in an educational effort.

Plus if your league website doesn’t do cool things like game scheduling and playoff brackets you really should check this out:


Coaching Clinics

I’m also working on a new project which provides a free online coaching clinic to coaches. Another way to help coaches and hopefully get some positive info out there.

If you are in the Midwest, we can even help run clinics for players and coaches for you. Just contact me.

Sports Clothing

I have been designing sports clothing for years. Let me know if you are looking for help with your team.

Recently I have been selling my t-shirt designs on Amazon.

baseball player t-shirts

Check out our new t-shirts here:
Baseball Zone T-Shirts

Make sure you send me a note or a picture if you buy one!


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Media Inquries

I have been interviewed for baseball coaching articles like this one from GameChanger:


Coaching Baseball

I have been coaching youth baseball since 2001 and running Dragons Baseball since 2007.

My Bio

My goal is to help coaches, parents and, ultimately players, have a more successful and enriching experience with youth sports.

That’s why I started O’Connell Media, founded SeasonTicker.com and BaseballZone.com and acquired and improved MyYouthBaseball.com and EducatedSportsParents.com.

Now, with more than 1 million visitors this year alone, I’ve established my company as one of the largest independent publishers of league & team management software, baseball training content and web apps. And I’m just getting started.

By applying my 16+ years of experience as a web developer and application designer, along with my passion for coaching and sports, I’m making this information accessible and usable for coaches and parents, and through SeasonTicker.com, I’m also providing comprehensive league, team and tournament software and tools.

While serving youth coaches and parents is my focus, I also work as a web development and application design consult for corporate clients on a limited basis.

How to Reach Me

Please contact me if you have any questions. I try to answer all my emails.

Specialties: Youth Sports, League Management, Baseball Coaching, Application Design, Visual Design, Web Development, Baseball, E-learning, Photography, Open Source Software and Consulting

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